Shah Alam Plumbing Services

We provide complete plumbing solutions to household in the Shah Alam &  Klang valley Area. Our services include areas such as the shower and bathtub, kitchen, toilet, septic tanks and sewer. We not only repair and solve problems, we also offer installation or replacement of fixtures. Detailed below are a list of services by our professional plumbers:


Bathroom plumbing is all about water delivery to and waste removal from all bath fixtures. Sewer gases, blocked drains, clogged toilets and many other common problems occur because of faulty bathroom plumbing or poorly maintained toilets, showers, baths and sinks.

Toilet Solutions

  1. clog toilet bowl
  2. poor flushing
  3. leaky tanks
  4. overflowing.
  5. Installation services, repair, replacement parts and toilet supplies.

Solve Shower Problems

  1. leaking shower heads
  2. clogged shower heads
  3. blocked shower drain
  4. temperature fluctuations
  5. Installation of shower fixtures

Faulty Bathtub

  1. bathtub faucet clog
  2. clogged drain
  3. faulty overflow gasket
  4. installation of fixtures services

Solve Kitchen Problems

  1. Clog sinks
  2. Pipe and faucet washer replacement
  3. installation of Water Lines / Pipe-works
  4. Poor drainage
  5. Foul smell from sinks
  6. Faulty water heater

Others Services

  1. Sewers and drains plumbing solutions
  2. Septic Tank Clog