Showers & Tubs

Today’s bathrooms feature an array of shower and tub designs. Most are conventional tub & shower combinations, others are ornate with a variety of water jets, shower heads and faucet designs.

We are specialist in all shower repairs, bathtub drain repairs, water pressure issues and even installations/replacements.

  1. Common Shower Problems
  2. Clogged Showerhead
  3. Symptoms include reduced water flow or thin jets of water. Shower Leaks. Water still flows despite turning shower faucet off.
  4. Water temperature Fluctuations
  5. Sudden bursts of cold water during hot showers
  6. Damaged temperature control or defective thermocouple in water heaters
  7. Dirty water or odor in water from water tank
  8. Blocked drain. Slow to no water drainage.

Our Services

  1. Identify buildup of mineral or rust deposit and remove or dissolved them.
  2. Clear clogged, rusty and corroded water plumbing pipes
  3. Clean up sediment buildup in the water heater’s tank
  4. Repair or replace defective or worn shower parts.
  5. Installation of new showerheads and other bathroom fixtures
  6. Clear blocked drain by removing the accumulation of bodily grease, soap scum and hair along the drainpipe .